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We provide a huge variety of plants such as Bamboo Plant, Vatikaliva Laila Majnu Plant, Hibiscus Plant, Succulent Plant, Arkeria Plant, etc.

Shiba Durga Nursery And Fishery is home to a wide variety of plants, such as Succulent Plant, Arkeria Plant, Hibiscus Plant, Bamboo Plant, Vatikaliva Laila Majnu Plant, Indoor Decorative Plant, and many more. We started our nursery in 2018, and since then, we have been providing various healthy plants to people at highly reasonable rates. The plants that we have kept in our nursery are given proper care. Our experts ensure to take care of them by giving them water, manure, growth regulators, sunlight, and all the required elements. The maintained varieties can be purchased by clients of different age groups, starting from a sapling to a fully grown plant with fruits or flowers. Further, in a huge space of our nursery, we keep a variety of flower pots in different colors, shapes, materials, and sizes for customers. These are kept in a highly presentable manner, ensuring that they do not get cracks or damage.

Our Team

We are assisted by a team of experts to perform our operations and cater to the diverse requirements of customers for a variety of plants. The team includes self-motivated personnel who are passionate about the tasks that are performed to run our nursery. Our procurement experts hold rich knowledge of a variety of plants, their growth rates, diseases, prices, etc. They make wise use of their knowledge to procure the finest plants. Our nursery staff ensures that plants receive the necessary care. They ensure that the plants are kept in an organized manner as per their heights, ages, and species. Furthermore, our customer care executives share friendly relationships with customers and guide them in their purchase. They also inform customers regarding the daily growth requirements of plants.

An Overview of Our Nursery

In the Hooghly city of West Bengal, India, we have maintained our spacious nursery. Here, we keep all the varieties of plants, such as Hibiscus Plant, Succulent Plant, Arkeria Plant, Bamboo Plant, Vatikaliva Laila Majnu Plant, etc., in a safe and systematic manner. The nursery offers us enough space and allows us to keep a huge quantity of plants, manures, sand, pots, gardening tools, etc. Not all plants require the same amount of sunlight, knowing this, we have made arrangements in our nursery. We make efforts to maintain cleanliness and hygiene so that the plants remain in good health and free from diseases.

Why Choose Us?

We are the best trading company, and a must visit nursery for plant lovers because of many reasons, such as:

  • We offer a huge variety of plants.
  • We charge the most reasonable rates.
  • We provide plants that are healthy and free from diseases.
  • We take various steps to ensure the safe transportation of plants to clients.
  • We use organic techniques and growth promoters on our plant.